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Our Science textbook is designed with a practical approach, offering less theoretical content compared to traditional textbooks. The focus is on learning through hands-on examples and ample opportunities to practice through questions. Developing the critical thinking skills needed to solve Physics and Chemistry problems is a gradual process that requires consistent exposure to problem-solving. Making mistakes and learning from them is a vital component of enhancing one's critical thinking abilities. Each chapter features diverse examples that demonstrate important techniques, along with space for students to write in. Following the examples are a series of worksheets and comprehensive memos that reinforce the techniques covered and challenge students to apply their knowledge in different scenarios. By working through the content in this book, students will not only gain proficiency in Physics and Chemistry but also cultivate broader problem-solving skills that will serve them well on exams and beyond.

Publisher: SmartScience (Pty) Ltd
Author: Ligbron E-Learning Systems
Language: English
Distributor: Ligbron E-Learning Systems
Year: 2022
Cover Design: Nicola Carter

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